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    • Chemical Processing
    • Water Treatment
    • Power Generation
    • Ultrapure Chemical Processing
    • Use for acids, caustics, bleache, and etc.
    Product Description & Design

    PFA lined Pipes and PFA lined Fittings
    Our metal pipes and fittings for PFA lining are either manufactured via casting or through welding seamless pipes.
    The available dimensions are 1/2″ ~ 6″, the thickness of metal pipe and metal fittings for PFA lining are in accordance with schedule 40.
    The default materials used are as follow, if unspecified,

    • Meterial
    Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
    Fittings Seamless Pipe ASTM A234 grade WPB ASTM A403
    Cast Steel ASTM A216 grade WCB ASTM A351
    Pipe Seamless Pipe ASTM A587 or ASTM A53 grade B ASTM A312
    • Specifications
    Fittings ASME B16.5 CLASS 150
    Pipe ASME B36.10

    The default materials used are as following, if unspecified:

    • Materials
      • In accordance with ASTM A105 (if the fitting i made via casting, then the flange will be cast as part of the fitting)
      • In accordance with ASTM A182
    • Specifications
      • ASME B16.5 Class 150
    PFA Lining Thickness
    PFA  ( Perfluoroalkoxy)
    Pipe 1/2″ ~ 2″ about 3mm PFA Lining Thickness
    2 1/2″ ~ 6″ about 4mm PFA Lining Thickness
    Fitting 1/2″ ~ 4″ about 3mm PFA Lining Thickness
    2 1/2″ ~ 6″ about 4mm PFA Lining Thickness
    In accordance with ASME Boiler and meets the requirements of Pressure Vessel Code, clause nine.
    Exhaust Hole
    Each PFA lined pipe and PFA lined fittings has at least one 2mm diameter exhaust hole in order to release the gast trapped between the liner and the metal part. If the pipe exceeds 500mm in length, it will contain at least two exhaust holes. Reducing flanges don’t have exhaust hole.
    • Thickness is approximately 110µm.
    • The standard application of coating contains two layers:Special requirements for coating are available upon request
      • Base paint
      • Surface paint
    Procedures of Oil and Water-Free treatment
    1. AK3 oil removal (Heated)
    2. Acid neutralization
    3. Cleansing using RO Water
    4. Dry nitrogen air spraying
    5. Channel seal packaging
    We uphold a full inspection policy that requires all finished PFA lined pipe and PFA lined fitting to pass the following test before shipment. Other methods of testing can be done upon customer demand.
    • Pressure Test: Applies max operating pressure*1.5 Air
    • Tight Test: Applies mzx operating pressure*1.5
    • Spark Test: 15000~20000VDC
    • Water and Oil Free Test:
      • Cleansed according to the standard of 1.0mg/ft (MAX)
      • We will start manufacturing after the sample has been approved by our client.
      • We can also provide notarization from authorities upon request.
    • Coating: We pick products on random for testing with paint thickness tester.
    • Appearance:
      • Each piece is checked for bubbles, pinholes, or other impairing defects before the lining process. Minor blemishes are processed during the coating stage.
      • Blistering and paint peeling are not allowed after coating.

    PFA lined Pipe and PFA lined Fitting    PFA lining Pipe and PFA lining Fitting  PFA lined Pipes and PFA lined Fittings
    Pressure Test                                      Spark Test                                          Coating Test

    Packing and Storage
    • The exhaust holes are sealed before packaging.
    • Packaging
      • The ends of normal pipes and flanges are sealed with plastic plates to prevent damage to the PFA liner.
      • For water and oil free lined PFA lined pipes and PFA lined lined fittings, the two ends are sealed with adhesive-free tapes (alternatively, the flanges can be sealed by plastic bags), and covered with end caps to prevent damage to the PFA liner. Before storage and shipping, the products are labeled, numbered, and sorted according to order number, charge number, and content. After being properly ordered, they are collectively stored or shipped. The products are packaged with wooden crates when shipped; in addition, the interior of the crate contains a large plastic seal to prevent water and vapor permeation.
Material List
Parts Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
Flange ASTM A105 or  ASTM A216 WCB ASTM A182 or ASTM A351
Steel Frame ASTM A234 grade WPB or ASTM A216 WCB ASTM A403 or ASTM A351
Steel bend according to SCH 40
Standard two fixed flanges
Liner PFA ( Fluoropolymer ) Lining
NPS  L ANSI B16.5 Class 150
INCH  ΦA  ΦK  ΦD  nxΦh  T  f/PFA
1/2” 70 32 60.5 89 4X16 14.2 3.0
3/4” 80 40 69.9 98.6 4X16 14.2 3.0
1” 89 48 79.2 108 4X16 14.2 3.0
1 1/2” 102 69 98.6 127 4X16 17.3 3.0
2” 4 87.9 120.7 152.4 4X19 18.8 3.0
2 1/2” 127 100.6 139.7 177.8 4X19 21.7 4.1
3” 140 127 152.4 190.5 4X19 23.2 4.1
4” 165 153.2 190.5 228.6 8X19 28 4.1
6” 203 212.7 241 279 8X22 29.1 4.1

UNIT : mm

Construction Drawing

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