Butterfly Valves PFA Lined – Ghibson


PTFE body seat has a thickness varying from 2,5 to 3 mm depending on the position, even in the shaft area.

Discs are available in stainless steel (AISI316, HASTELLOY®, DUPLEX®, SUPERDUPLEX®, INCONEL®, etc.), and in stainless steel coated with HALAR® or PTFE.

Standard shafts are in AISI316 stainless steel (Monel® or other materials on request).

Two silicon half rings increase and ensure elasticity up to highest working temperatures.

Belleville washers ensure the sealing in the upper plane of the disc.

Furthermore, a double packing consisting in a FEP coated FKM O Ring and a PTFE C-ring will avoid any leakage along the shaft.

In the TT-valve series the PTFE lining covers the shaft beyond the FEP coated FKM O Ring so that the fluid never contacts the metal core of the disc.

Design Features

BVTT – Wafer                                                             BLTT – Lug

DN 50 – 500 • 2” – 20”                                               DN 50 – 500 • 2” – 20”


Max working pressure:

BVTT/BLTT DN 50÷400:                 10 Bar

Flange: PN 10-16-A150

BVTT/BLTT DN 500: 6 Bar

Flange: PN 10-16-A150

To be used for vacuum (not with PTFE disc)



EN 593 ~ EN 736 ~ EN 12516 ~ EN 1092

ISO 5211 ~ DIN 3337 ~ API 609

PED 97/23/EC (cat III) Mod H


Face to face:

DIN EN 558-1 Series 20 ~ ISO 5752 Series 20

BS-5155 Series 4 ~ MSS-SP67

API 609 cat. A ~ NFE 29305-1



EN 12266-1 Rate A ~ ISO 5208 Rate A

DIN 3230 ~ API 598


EN 19 ~ MSS SP-25


Product Range