SKIDeX® IBC Range of skids with tank for injection of additives in oil storage


SKIDeX® IBC is an easy-to-use stand-alone solution for additives injection, equipped with his own reservoir ( IBC). These skids are robust, reliable and economic specially designed for your injection and additive control solutions, from your storage tanks to your loading arms.

  • IBC tank Capacity from 1 à 3m3
  • Connexion multi- loading arms
  • Simplification for test & stamp (customs control of tank level)
Additives typical Concentration Number of loading arms connected with flow rate  120m3/h
FT50BT 0.1% 20
Red Colorant 0.02% 100
9041XF 0.04% 50
AC 1209 0.105% 20



Design Features

Based on  2 SkideX® modules, one for injection and one for pumping ( see SkideX® range design details)

  • Construction according ATEX area zone I.(II2G Exd IIB T4Gb IP55 Ta 40°c IC411 CLF CATII2G GAZ).
  • Flow rate 2.3 m3/h à 10 bars. Multi- Connection to several loading arms simultaneously.
  • In-ground tank suction -4m for medium density 1.
  • Pump, Valves & Piping Components SS 316L , PTFE & Viton seals.
  • Compact design.
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) > 10 years
Product Range

Standard Design


  • Pump 316 SS/ viton seals
  • Ball valves 316L SS
  • Check valves 316L SS
  • Spiral tube ( flexible) 316L SS on request
  • Seals PTFE
  • Connection flanges DN 25 class 10lbs RF


SKIDeX® IBC Size tank IBC Pump Standard Flow* In-ground tank suction
Type SKIDeX-IBC-01 Volume 1000 m3 2,3  m3/H -4m
Type SKIDeX-IBC-02 Volume 1500 m3 2,3  m3/H -4m
Type SKIDeX-IBC-03 Volume 3000 m3 2,3  m3/H -4m

*Other Flows on request

On request

Case of high corrosive additives ( MTBE….)

  • Piston volumetric pump or mono-diaphragm Teflon pump
  • Magnetic drive gear pump
  • Fluor polymer Seals (Kalrez®, Chemraz®…)

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